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Four ice cream flavor stories

Project type

  • Branding & Identity
  • Packaging
Mahala ice cream family

Mahala is the leading manufacturer in the production of high quality traditional dairy products in Basque Country, and has a presence in the main grocery retailers, a brand where artisanal know-how and tradition coexist with an innovative vision.

From this position, Mahala decides to explore the possibility of starting in the production of natural ice creams, and for this, he has the support of the Brand Creatiers studio. The new range of ice creams should be positioned in the premium segment, a space dominated by well-established leading brands.

Analysis and strategic approach

After the corresponding diagnostic phase in which we obtained and analyzed several market data, -filling our studio of all types of ice cream packs and similar products-, we made a strategic approach that included several objectives:

  1. Create a new brand territory to develop the identity, motivating and alluring wide audiences from an emotional discourse.
  2. Adapt the new category to different sale channels to cover both home consumption and out of home.
  3. Create a packaging communication that provides consistency to the entire range, but providing differentiation to each SKU in order to maximize the number of registrations by retailers.
  4. Promote and simplify the launch of the new range within the HORECA channel.
Characters illustrations for Mahala ice cream
Mahala ice cream packaging
Detail of an ice cream pack with cook image

Creative solution

And to achieve these goals, in addition to a stimulating design, we had to incorporate a unique idea. An idea that translates into four carefully designed characters.

Four characters, four stories, that help to build the unique identity of the new family of ice creams, and that also work as prescribers of the product; a chef who reflects gastronomic level, a grandmother who communicates, "for my grandson and for me", a child who thinks impatiently "I can´t wait!", and a surfer, who prescribes health, summer or youth.

On the other hand, in shelfspaces with increasingly difficult to identify what we bought and the handicap of being new to the category, we were clear that from a distance, the design of the packaging should transmit its content immediately. After evaluating several options we decided to place an ice cream cone because of its artisanal meaning, its immediate recognition and visual simplicity. To create the final image of the ice cream ball, we made more than 40 photos -with real product- using the best fragments of them.

Ice cream ball in a cornet
Multiple photo shots of an ice cream ball

We also made fine illustrations of each flavors to reinforce the message of naturalness and quality, as well as from the surroundings of Mahala´s farmhouse, that we positioned behind the brand, in order to create a storytelling linked to the production origin.

Ice Cream Flavour Ilustrations

Display design approach

Freezer and POS elements designed for Mahala ice cream

Holistic view

Regarding the choice of packaging type, we work together with Mahala evaluating pros and cons not only at communication level, but taking into account terms of production such as handling time, storage or distribution. Finally, we choose packaging made with PEFC® certified materials and 100% sustainable.

The family born with 21 references, composed of 7 flavors available in 3 formats: 500, 250 and 125g.

Print proof approval

Color test approval document

Process summary

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the market and competitors.
  • Objectives and branding strategy definition.
  • Evaluation of the different packaging solutions available in the market; formats, material costs, etc.
  • Conception and first ideas generation.
  • Real prototypes creation for the master pack.
  • Sketches development.
  • Photo shoots planning and art direction.
  • Final designs development of all SKUs.
  • Conception and design of the POS elements, (promotional elements for the point of sale).
  • Ready to print artworks preparation.
  • Quality control and management of the color proofs received by printers.

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