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Double design solution

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  • Branding & Identity
  • Packaging
Patés Zubia products display design

Patés Zubia company, based in a privileged area in the heart of Basque Country, has been producing high quality pâtés and foie gras for almost four decades. Products that achieve gastronomic excellence thanks to a know-how developed from the best French tradition and a vision loaded with innovative talent.

In this project, Zubia proposes us a double task. On the one hand, we must redesign all the labels of foie gras and patés in portions, and in turn we have to create a display for such references starting from a brief as open as this: "We need 'something' to place these products well at the point of sale".

1. Foie gras labels redesign

Firstly, we conducted an analysis of the foie gras sector in Spain at the level of advertising communication and packaging. This causes many difficulties to understanding the product by the consumer, thus stopping their purchase intention. The scrambled of terms used is extensive; bloc, mi-cuit, foie, foie gras, parfait, pâté, entier, canard, mousse, fresh, canned, semi-preserved, and many other denominations that arise from combinations between them.

After research phase, we came to the conclusion that the foie gras can be defined based on three basic criteria;
A - If derives from the duck or the goose.
B - The percentage of foie gras on the total of ingredients that make up the final product.
C - The conservation process.

After that conclusion and as a novelty within the sector, we propose to use a code based on the percentage of "pure foie gras" contained in the product. In this way we achieve a triple objective: differentiation from the competition, amplify the quality perception and improve the information offered to the consumer.

Regarding the visual design, maintaining the same previous die, we substantially improve the ZUBIA´s logo visibility and the general visual aspect, but without going too far from the previous graphic code to keep intact the product recognition level by the consumer.

Detail of Patés Zubia foie gras label

Current label design and previous

Current and previous label design of Patés Zubia
Foie gras range of Patés Zubia
Pate range of Patés Zubia

2. Exhibitor design. Idea: double laying possibility.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the briefing received to design the exhibitor was little more than this: "We need 'something' to place these products well at the point of sale".

In order to assess you the design created, we believe it is important to know the initial needs: First, we must think of a solution that works in two differentiated sales channels, large scale retail dealers and specialty grocery stores, which very different needs in terms of space and viewing angles. On the other hand, it must be able to expose two ranges with different packaging format, foie gras and pate. And finally, you have to consider the cost, times of manufacture, transport, storage and durability.

In the conceptual phase several possibilities are evaluated in terms of design and materials; cardboard, wood, injected plastic and thermoformed plastic, choosing the latter based on the design solution on which we finally worked: a display that can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The vertical position adapts better to the display cases of charcuterie type, densely occupied but without problems of height and where the products are looked at from above. In contrast, a horizontal position is ideal for large retailers because the space between shelves is limited.

In this way we fulfilled the initial needs, providing differentiation and added advantages both functionally and in image terms:

  • The display is stackable, which saves space for transportation and storage.
  • Can be discarded or reused.
  • Both the sides and the front have smooth surfaces, so it is possible to easily customize it in promotional campaigns or depending on the type of product displayed.
Design process of Patés Zubia display

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