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Ochagavía and Irati Forest, a brand with legend

Project type

  • Branding & Identity
T-shirt of Ochagavía and Selva de Irati tourism office

The Government of Navarra decided in 2017 to change the visual identity of the tourism office of Ochagabia village and Irati Forest , two enclaves of the Pyrene,  that complement each other combining nature, culture and legend, being two of the tourist destinations most visited of Navarra. The briefing raises the possibility of using the mythological figure of the Basajaun, 'the Lord of the Forests', a starting conceptual point that we support, as we consider it suitable because of its communicative potential.

Strategy and branding objectives we raised

  • Create a brand that could condense two destinations essence into one, the Ochagavía village and Irati Forest.
  • Achieve a visual cohesion with ‘Kingdom of Navarre’ - 'Reyno de Navarra' umbrella brand, the tourism brand of the region.
  • Develop a visual style with strong personality and with potential to be applied in other tourism offices.



We made an interpretation  of the mythological character, surrounding it with nature and placing Ochagavía village as background, thus creating a friendly Basajaun willing to transmit its secrets and knowledge, evoking the informative function that tourist office performs.

The graphic identity is based on a synthetic and figurative illustration style, which allows to describe with personality not only this place, but also other destinations, and facilitates a simple application all over the brand touchpoints.

Likewise, we propose a visual universe where the use of the brand in white color, dominates over backgrounds linked to nature, authenticity or cultural heritage. To achieve visual unity with the tourist brand  ‘Kingdom of Navarre’ - 'Reyno de Navarra',  we opted to incorporate its same typography in the denomination, as can be seen in the outdoor signboard image, a custom designed element to enhance further the place authenticity.

Signboard design for Ochagavía and Selva de Irati tourism office

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