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Basque Observatory of Culture

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  • Digital - Web
  • Branding & Identity
Design of the Basque Observatory of Culture web portal

The Basque Culture Observatory is a public body whose main mission is to generate objective and quality information in the cultural field, a key sector for economic and social development.

Within its communication strategy, the web portal, since it was launched, has been acting as a key tool, as it has served as an extensive repository where it is possible to consult the generated publications and statisticals.

From the Observatory itself, it´s detected the neeed to address a deep redesign in order to facilitate data query, offer a better access to large volumes of information, and improve the communication strategy of the organization itself.

Based on this need, at Brand Creatiers we have carried out -from a comprehensive vision of the project- different redesign processes of the web portal; inventory and reorganize the information architecture to optimize it at the UX level, evolve the visual and conceptual identity, design the new user interface, and execute the front-end development considering the possibilities of the content manager.

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