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Patented packaging design

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Strawberry yogurt pack design of Mahala

For more than 30 years, Mahala has been developing in the Basque Country, yoghurts and dairy desserts without artificial additives through sustainable production and committed to the environment. It is currently consolidated as the reference producer of the segment and many of its SKUs are available in the main grocery retailers.  

The redesign process started when we reported to Mahala our feeling that the communication of the packaging of the yoghurts, -the main range- was not transmitting the brand´s differential values. Furthermore, in Mahala they noticed that the excess of packaging was penalized its rotation before consumers, increasingly aware of responsible consumption.

From Brand Creatiers we carry out a full packaging rethinking, developing a new structural design and reorienting the communication both at a verbal and visual level.

Current design and previous

Current and previous packaging design of Mahala yogurts

Patented industrial design

First of all, with the structural design solution for the cardboard sleeve created by Brand Creatiers, printing costs were reduced by 61%. This is achieved because the material is used much better; if previously on a cardboard sheet entered 12 dies, with the new design, smaller and allowing a tight implementation, the number increases to 28.

But not only the costs have been reduced, with the new patented design, it has also achieved a very positive differentiation from the competition, both by its visual impact on the linear, and by the fact of linking the brand with values such as sustainable production and the commitment to the environment.

Patented design for Mahala dairy products packaging

Verbal identity and graphic design

At naming level, -although it seems obvious-, we wanted to highlight the term 'yoghurt', the reason is that in a crowded dairy products linears, with many similar products, we felt that was essential to communicate very quickly "hey, this is yoghurt!".

On the other hand, we determined as a key objective the need to convey that although it is high-quality yoghurt, we should not position it as a premium product linked to the impulse of pleasure and occasional consumption, but as a familiar yogurt for everyday. To do this we created these two messages: Yogur de Caserío para Todos los Días "Farm yoghurt for everyday" and Producción local "Local production".

At graphic design level we developed a visual system that could transmit concepts like, handmade, local production and for the whole family, through a harmonious use of the color palette and realistic style illustrations that we incorporated into the cardboard sleeve, the differentiating element of each flavour, since for production reasons the covers should be generic.

As a reflection of our pragmatic spirit, we proposed, against standardized opinions and being aware that due to its graphic quality would hardly give us a design award, that the illustration of the naif style cow should be maintained since it had become a recognizable element for consumers after years of use. We only did a restyling to make her smiling and we "hung" the brand as a cowbell.

The year after the launch of the new designs, sales increased by 38%, helping to position Mahala as the reference brand in Euskadi for quality dairy products. Following the same conceptual line, we have designed the packaging for other products such as rice pudding.

Current and previous

Current and previous illustration of Mahala cow
Mahala lemon yogurt packaging design
Mahala skimmed yogurt packaging design
Mahala custard packaging design
Packaging design photo shoots

Print proof approval

Color test approval

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