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Geuria, turnkey retail design and identity

Project type

  • Branding & Identity
  • Content creation
  • Packaging
Geuria food store from the entrance

GEURIA MERKATUA borns with a promise, everyday, local products, a claim that reflects the innovative spirit of this new grocery store that offers a range of products defined by 3 clear communication ideas for the consumer: local, natural and with an affordable price products.

Research and brand strategy

In Brand Creatiers we have developed a turnkey branding and design project, from the initial diagnosis phase to the post-launch, creating a unique brand and a strong business model identity, and where all aspects that affect this kind of project, have been taken into account:

Previous analysis

  • Initial diagnosis of the market and competition.
  • Search for suitable locations.

Brand consultancy, and visual and verbal identity

  • State of the art reporting.
  • Naming.
  • Logo design.
  • Trademark registration as intellectual property.
  • Graphic and verbal universe design.

Creative and executive project

  • Creative project development, covering both aesthetic and operational aspects; space distribution, traffic circuit planogram, product organization strategy, design and/or selection of commercial equipment.
  • Fully interior design.
  • Ad hoc furniture design.
  • Local regulations integration.
  • Plans implementation.
  • Project management and supervision during construction.
  • Technical report by Garmendia Arquitectos.

Post opening

  • Post launch tracking.
  • Website design and development.
  • Planning and execution of different marketing and advertising actions.


As ideas to highlight we would like to mention the six wood tree sculptures, that evoking the symbol of  the brand, create a unique atmosphere that reinforces the brand values.

On a more practical level, we create the “green labels”, which facilitate the choice for consumers by identifying products without preservatives or additives, without having to look for information on the packaging.

Geuria store at sunset
Interior of the Geuria store

Naming and logo design.

Geuria Merkatua logo

Both indoor space and outdoor environment was rebuilt in 3D to simulate different angles of view in order to make appropriate decisions in the initial phases.

3D views of the Geuria store during the creative phase

First approach 

Plane with annotations about the roof areas that was to be reinforced to sustain the tree sculptures, as well as the location of the lighting and the air conditioning system

Work plan

Retail furniture design

Furniture plans of the store Geuria

Advertisign character creation

Indications to build Mahala advertising cow

Marketing actions and brand universe elements.

Marketing actions designed for Geuria Merkatua

Previous site and work photos

Making of photos

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