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UNO, Vodafone, Identity

Project type

  • Digital - Web
  • Branding & Identity
UNO logo design for Vodafone

UNO is the brand of a powerful management software developed for Vodafone by Crystal ASP Irish company, leader in digital solutions for cutting-edge companies.

At Brand Creatiers we take care of designing the UNO graphic identity and its integration with the Vodafone brand system. As for the brand, we designed a logo with digital soul and chromatically adaptable, which allows us to communicate the idea of a convergent, adaptable and integrated system.

At the level of digital interface and UX, we try to create a consistent design system, with solid and precise components, that help the user to feel the control of their actions and experience intuitive results.

Login of the UNO - Vodafone software
Homepage of the UNO - Vodafone software
UNO-Vodafone Interface design

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