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Adaptable digital identity

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  • Digital - Web
  • Branding & Identity

Crystal ASP is an Irish company leader in business software development, standing out in (OSS / BSS) solutions. Among its clients include major telecommunications companies. In order to improve its value proposition, it decides to update the UNO´s graphic identity and visual interface, a powerful tool that stands out for its ability to adapt to the management needs of each client.

To transmit the great potential of UNO, is built a visual identity that evokes concepts such as sophistication, technology, business, digitization and adaptation. At graphic and conceptual level, in the logo design highlights the circular icon, of toroid inspiration and variable color, which represents the set of possibilities offered by UNO. Its color adapts to the chromatic identity of each company, reflecting the idea of ​​a system adhoc developed.

The logo is completed with a custom-made typography that evokes simplicity and visual cleanliness, style that is transferred to the software interface design as well as to the rest of the visual universe of the brand; website, promotional elements or corporate stationery. All this is accompanied by a photographic style that contributes to create a coherent and distinctive brand identity.


Communication concepts


Tablet versión of CrystalASP website
Mobile versión of CrystalASP website
UNO stand design
UNO brochure and business cards

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