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Basque identity, global and digital

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  • Digital - Web
  • Branding & Identity

Basque Global Network is a social network that was born in 2016 pushed by the Basque Government in collaboration with Sphiral and Xupera companies, whose objective is to connect abroad Basque community. A project integrated in the Internationalization Framework Strategy 2020: Basque Country Strategy.

From Brand Creatiers we have developed the visual identity, the platform interface design, and the front end implementation.

Basque Global Network interface design

From the very beginning we saw the need to create a visual territory that was capable of transmitting the universal character of both the application itself and the Basque identity. The design of the logo expresses that global spirit through an effect that evokes the diffusion of the colors of the Ikurriña, the Basque Country flag, all over the world and where the basque wordmark is the protagonist with institutional and sober typography, and with a nod to a lauburu in the letter s, ancestral symbol in the Basque iconography.

The interface design is made taking into account the JomSocial platform (Open Source Social Networking for Joomla) in which the social network was already implemented. The front end development encompasses the customization of the default theme of the CMS at the level of CSS and images, respecting in the integration of the visual layer the core and the functionalities offered by the platform.

Basque Global Network, the network that grows every day helping to boost relations between the Basque community of a global world.

Initial brand creative concepts

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