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Building trust

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  • Digital - Web
  • Branding & Identity
  • Content creation
Exterior of ReparaDomésticos Shop

ReparaDomésticos born with the vision of build a quality business model in the appliance technical service sector through a value proposition based on generating trust to this type of service, and differentiating from a poorly developed and thinly beneficial competition for the consumer. This new opportunity territory is based on providing consumers with clear and honest information, innovative services and highly skilled staff.


From this point of departure, in Brand Creatiers we are faced with the challenge of creating a complete system of graphic and verbal identity. A multi-media communication universe that can adequately interprets added values, reaches the desired audience and drives business growth.

After analysis phase, the first goal is to create a brand, which in addition to meeting objectives, had the capacity to be registered as intellectual property in order to protect its use in the market. ReparaDomésticos borns.


We wanted to create a descriptive, fresh and fun wordmark. ReparaDomésticos manages to be an effective and recognisable name that transmits confidence and sells itself.

The visual identity starts from the creative concept of the symbol used in ON/OFF buttons, a universally known sign that we reinterpret to humanize it by representing it smiling and in operation, becoming the central element of the graphic universe. At typographic level, an adhoc design was made for the term ReparaDomésticos, which is accompanied by the tagline "The new way of repairing appliances".

After the chromatic competitors analysis we opted for a color palette articulated around a “technological blue”, because it provides differentiation and helps to create links with leading-edge concepts. In addition, we create advertising messages to enhance the transparency discourse and the brand values:
'Clear and unsurprisingly rates' 'Make 3 tests before calling us'  'We pamper your brand'.
From there, we developed the complete identity system: retail space, workwear, vehicles wrap and the website design, as well as various marketing and advertising actions, creating a comprehensive and consistent customer experience all over the touchpoints.

Web design and development

Regarding the technological solution used to develop the website, due to the project features we chose to create a static site creating an ad hoc front-end markup. With the traffic data obtained from a beta landing page, regard to responsive design, we prioritize mobile and desktop versions, leaving tablet version for a later phase.

ReparaDomésticos web desing
Mobile version of ReparaDomésticos web page
ReparaDomésticos brand identity
ReparaDomésticos van passing through the Plaza Moyua in Bilbao
ReparaDomésticos vehicles design
Interior design of ReparaDomésticos shop
Dishwasher with transparent door and interior lighting

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