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The brand of resting brands

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Couple sleeping in room overlooking Bilbao skyline dawning

In 2010, a mattress store group decided to approach an brand identity integral change in order to unify its positioning as a premium rest products dealer. At that time, its communication did not reflect its products range level, made up by some of the most prestigious rest brands worldwide such as Hästens or Jensen.

To reflect their value proposition, we created the name SUIT DELUX. A naming that arouses concepts linked with high quality, such as "hotel suite", "excellent adaptation" or "exclusive ranges". Next to a symbol inspired by the world of dreams and the illustrations of Alfons Mucha czech artist, the wordmark SUIT DELUX expresses quality through a sober and elegant typography. To add descriptive value, we created the signature “Marcas Exclusivas en Descanso”, "Rest Exclusive Brands"  During the process of SUIT DELUX name creation, we carried out the corresponding analysis to confirm the possibilities of registering the brand both nationally and Community.

Likewise, we developed a visual identity according to the brand's renewed positioning, with “slice of life” images that recreate happiness after a night of rest. A communication style accompanied by a careful verbal identity that we apply to various advertising campaigns.

Note: the current SUIT DELUX communication, both online and offline, is not being developed by Brand Creatiers.

Full page ad campaign
Duerme Delux despierta Feliz, and Dorelan mattress ad campaing
Duerme Delux despierta Feliz, and Jensen bed ad campaing
Kaixo Hästens Bilbao ad campaign

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